„Get well soon Mathieu”

When one of the authors of the zakrzywionykij project some time ago joins lacrosse community, he wondered how it is possible that grown men for an hour fighting with sticks almost to the death, that after the final whistle shake hands and go have a beer together.

Taught by experience with the football world he did not understand the phenomenon of this world, where we all come together to form one big family. Many of the speech in interviews that we have so far carried out (including those who soon will be published), because almost every person interviewed during requesting your best friend off the field, pointing whole team. Each month in this family show, how big is this phenomenon.

However, it all turned out to be nothing compared to the action that he decided to spin …

During the Silesia Cup 2015 took place distressing event. During the final showdown between Belgium Beasts and Druva Dynamite, one of the Belgian player was illegally hit with a stick. Injured and with aching body left the pitch. Staying at the stadium medical services were not able to determine what ails the laxer.

There has also helped overexposure in Wroclaw hospital where, despite the great grimace of pain Belgian, sent him away empty-handed, because did not know how to make a diagnosis. Only after returning to his homeland, Mathieu Verpaele learned that after the attack of one of the Latvians, treveled the road from Wroclaw to Belgium with a ruptured spleen ….

As Belgium coach recently admitted, a young player during a return journey could bleed out. Fortunately, everything ended up on the big fear, surgery and two months with the exception of physical activity for Mathieu.

When we found out about the incident, as the authors of website having access to the environment, we decided to react. So, as soon as we could. From Belgian coach we get name and the whole action started…!

Here the great role played our lacrosse family, because each team to which we turned with this unusual request, join our action and decided to cheer Mathieu.

This results in the following photos that were thrown into the Internet and spreading directly to the Mathieu with the wishes of a speedy recovery.

In the attachment pictures you can see the teams: Budapest Blackberries and Budapest Blax, Kraków Kings and Kraków Queens, Korsarze i Korsarki Trójmiasto, AZS Legion Katowice, Kosynierzy Wrocław and Grom Warszawa holding cards that read „Get well soon Mathieu!”

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If only you fancy, you can join in on the action by uploading photos of yourself or your team, a Belgian wishing a speedy recovery. Such a small gesture great family laxa.